The mysterious charm of a curl of smoke.

A discreet and elegant atmosphere, in which everything is rarefied and sophisticated. For contemporary and design-conscious locations, here is the french Oak in its new guise: the fumigation enhances colors and grain, giving the wood a richly material aspect.

Wood oak
Thickness 16 mm
Lenght 1000/2400 mm
Width 180 mm
Joint groove tongue
Noble wood 3 mm
Birch plywood


French Oak prefinished one strip planks composed of two layers with birch multilayer plywood. All the planks are bevelled on 4 sides. Putting down can be done floating or with bi-component glue. Our products have technical and structural characteristics appropriate for the putting down on the heated floor.

Fumigation treatment

The fumigation treatment is an exclusive of Parital.
The noble wood gets his core smoked in a specific oven that works with low temperatures for a long time, deepening the colour into the wood.
The smoke and the heating process give the collection a unique materic aspect that enhances its nuances.

Cleaning and floor care

The floor has received a protective surface treatment which, if well cared for, will maintain its characteristics for a long time while preserving the wood from wear. It is recommended to remove dust with special anti-dust cloths, with a broom or vacuum cleaner. The parquet daily cleaning has to be done with lukewarm water and a very well squeezed cloth. For a deeper cleaning it can be used the diluted Parbrill detergent, carefully following the instructions written on the back of the bottle.


Samples are strictly indicative and the product can have color differences that give exclusivity to the parquet.


Lime processing

This processing is realised applying lime based products that react on the oak wood; this finishing creates uniqueness and natural aspect to the product, giving life to chromatic shades that make the product a one-off. On these products any plank has different shades, depending on how much tannin is contained in the wood: that’s why the samples are merely indicative. It’s suggested to flooring-setters to open more boxes at a time and mix together the planks while layering. The samples are merely indicative and the product may present chromatic differences which are the signs of parquet exclusivity.